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How is your 2012 shaping up? We hope you are well rested and zooming through the year’s beginning with ample energy and rigor. We certainly are still on the go, providing the best quality seafood in our much-loved restaurant! We were rewarded for our hard season slog by getting a very favourable review from renowned restaurant critic Jean-Pierre Roussouw - read it here.

Since we are constantly evolving, we are introducing a variety of Japanese stir fries, made by Master Chef Jaylor Bonayon, to our new menu (it’s coming out now now). Our Robata Kitchen is slowly taking shape (Robata is a charcoal grill used to prepare Japanese food). We’re starting with a few simple, but definitely authentic Japanese stir fries - with delicious home made sauces - a choice of prawns, beef or chicken in Oyster Sauce with stir-fry vegetables and steamed rice or Yakiudon (noodles) with a deliciously spicy Tonkatsu sauce.

We are so excited about the initial tasting we had with some opinionated locals (friends of LB), who absolutely devoured all that was on offer. Watch this space!


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