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How We Compile the Perfect Restaurant Wine List


Our fabulous new wine list was expertly compiled by Hermanus local Wine & Company manageress and multiple award-winner, Jaci Hickman Less - we asked her to explain what goes into making the perfect wine list. Read on!

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The Truth About Restaurant Specials


It’s winter time in South Africa - the off-season in restaurant terms. This is when most of us have to put money earned during season back into the business; repairing furniture, fixing the plumbing, buying new freezer compressors, extraction checks, electrics. It’s also the time the staff go on leave, and the restaurant is often times than not - half empty.

Being in a town like Hermanus, where the tourism industry provides most of the business, off-season is a shock to the system. Even in a top notch restaurant like Lemon Butta Hermanus (ahem), we struggle to fill up the room. So, like all restaurants since the beginning of time, we run specials to try and get people in through the door. This winter we’re running a fantastic special - the mother of all specials - the Two for One.

In these trying economic times, even the wealthy are attracted to specials. Years of excess and ridiculously over-priced, fussy food have led even the well paids to search for value for money options. And the Two for One Special is incredibly enticing: Buy a dessert or starter with a main meal and get your second main free. How about a date?! That appreciation you owe your mom/friend/secretary will be thoroughly rewarded with a kiss/hug/grope and they’ll never pin you for a cheapskate.

The point is this: by having the option of a free meal, you then have some spare cash to order that seafood menu item you always coveted, or that bottle of expensive wine you always wanted to enjoy with your seafood platter. Instead of sharing a dessert, you can now indulge in your very own (let’s face it - the majority of us share our chocolate hot pots without much enthusiasm).

So what’s in it for us? I mean, we are GIVING AWAY A FREE MEAL. Well, we want to fill up our restaurant so even in the dead of winter, it can feel warm, cosy and lived-in - kinda like home. And it’s also an opportunity for you to taste some dishes you might not have ordinarily tasted. So that you might have a good word or two to say about us to your friends. So you appreciate what we’re giving away. So that you come back when the special’s not on anymore!

And even if you’re the type of restaurant goer who only dines out on specials, we’ll still welcome you with open arms. See you at Lemon Butta Hermanus this winter!

Exciting things are afish!

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How is your 2012 shaping up? We hope you are well rested and zooming through the year’s beginning with ample energy and rigor. We certainly are still on the go, providing the best quality seafood in our much-loved restaurant! We were rewarded for our hard season slog by getting a very favourable review from renowned restaurant critic Jean-Pierre Roussouw - read it here.

Since we are constantly evolving, we are introducing a variety of Japanese stir fries, made by Master Chef Jaylor Bonayon, to our new menu (it’s coming out now now). Our Robata Kitchen is slowly taking shape (Robata is a charcoal grill used to prepare Japanese food). We’re starting with a few simple, but definitely authentic Japanese stir fries - with delicious home made sauces - a choice of prawns, beef or chicken in Oyster Sauce with stir-fry vegetables and steamed rice or Yakiudon (noodles) with a deliciously spicy Tonkatsu sauce.

We are so excited about the initial tasting we had with some opinionated locals (friends of LB), who absolutely devoured all that was on offer. Watch this space!

Happy Holidays!

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We wish you a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! May we be blessed enough to see you at our place next year! From all of us at Lemon Butta Hermanus Restaurant.

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New Menu, New Beginnings


Excitement over our new Spring/Summer menu and the fabulous items we’ve added!

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